1. Thursday

From the recording Wayward

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It's a Thursday, and I don't want to go out
But it's 6:30, gotta get to work and clock today's hours
But on my drive it's raining, and that don't help anything
Like really raining, like, I almost hit that guy on the bike
Get to my building, and I sit in my cube
And if I'm lucky, I might walk the halls and see you
And say how you doing - how's your patio and how's your wife Sue?
Then we'll say something funny, so we don't feel awkward when we walk away and resume

Don't listen to the voice
Don't follow where there's cash
Don't let them make your choice
God built you for more than that
God gave you heart,
Created you with dreams
So just think while you work hard
Cause success ain't what it seems
Success ain't what it seems

Check your heartbeat - if it's still going
Then I would strongly suggest life is just knowing what all
What all your blood pulsing through your veins is moving toward
Tell me what's the war that you're fighting all your battles for
Think about it, when's the last time that you really knew
What your intention was for all the random stuff that you do?
If you can think of honest reasons, great,
Or else it's just noise,
And wasted life


Come on everybody - come one, come all
Come black, white, or striped - big, medium, or small
Choose yourself a mold and we'll stuff you in good
Get one or two more degrees
And your life's shaped how it should be
Don't ever stop to wonder how it could be
When you're feeling like a cog in the machine
You never asked for meaning, just for money
So why would you complain?


... I see a sea of people walking forward, covered eyes
Never sure quite where they're going, never stopped to wonder why
All they hope for is the weekend, all their purpose to survive
I look down at them but realize we've been walking stride for stride