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Jonathan Edwards, aka Wayward, is an Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. With a love for writing and sharing songs, Wayward is touring the Midwest in anticipation of his debut full-length album "Happiness?".

The singer-songwriter began touring in November of 2016, eager to bring a personal, engaging live show to audiences across the Midwest. And those audiences have listened to the first release -- a 3-song EP titled "Wayward" -- over 800,000 times online.

 As a youngster, he grew up in Afton, MN as one of 13 siblings and taught himself guitar by listening to favorites on the radio like "Teardrops on My Guitar" and "Fergalicious" and watching "Guitar for Dummies". He began songwriting after his older sister wrote her first song. Not wanting to be bested by his older sister, sibling rivalry pushed him into writing his first song at age 13. Through his teenage years, he began singing and continued writing song after song until being forced to perform for family and friends in a living room. He gradually fell in love with sharing songs and performed every chance he could get, until eventually beginning touring in 2016.

Wayward tells the stories of the pursuit of happiness -- through depression and love -- while still trying to be adults. In this pursuit, Wayward is playing 100 shows this year and bringing to life dozens of stories through songs at every show.



"One of my favorite parts about playing music is meeting people that love my music and hearing some of their stories. Each and every person on this planet has a unique story, a unique ambition, a unique past, a unique future. We all have in our minds the memories that caused us the most heartache, happiness, disgust, love... And the list goes on.  

It is my constant goal to always make music based on the stories of real life. That's where I draw inspiration. Every facet of life that makes us feel something - there's a story there. And I want to tell those stories as best as I can - at least, in the ways I've experienced them. Not to sound too cheesy, but thanks for joining my story and for letting me join yours.

I am very excited to present to you the music I make, and I appreciate you, listening to the stories in my songs. 

Love you all."
- Wayward

Wayward is:

Jonathan Edwards - Vocals, Guitars, Keys



Behind-the-Scenes Team:

Dan Deurloo - Producer

Jess Jackson - West Coast Booking Manager



 Based out of Minneapolis, MN - USA

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