1. Yesterday

From the recording Wayward

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Yesterday, I held your hand and you held my heart beating
Yesterday, we went on walks and talked too late in the evening
Yesterday, I told you something that made you laugh so pretty
Yesterday, I kissed your lips and you said, "I'm so glad we're getting married"

I don't know exactly where we begin
But I pray to God I love you every second
Cause we both know
That as we grow old
Time just passes, won't let us retake

Yesterday, I tied a string around my finger to tell you how I love you
Yesterday, we had too much else to do - we only made time to argue
Yesterday, you curled up next to me and you said, "I love you"
Yesterday, it hit me just how much it hurts when I'm without you


Yesterday, I left three roses by your grave and I told you I miss you
I miss the days when I could hold your pretty face next to mine and kiss you
I miss the way we'd stay up laughing and crying and just being best friends
Yesterday, I thought this lovely life with you would never end