1. Gingerbread

From the recording Wayward

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I've been siting here for a couple hours
And I don't know exactly why I bother to stay awake
Pretty soon I'll be a basketcase - basketcase
I've got no energy left to think
About anything deeper than my facebook feed
I know I'm being stupid but I just keep scrolling - just keep scroll-
And I think that I know why...

All my life is just a deception
My imitation
Of what someone
Called perfection
I already know what I'm doing, but
Somehow I think this chase will end in satisfaction
You could stand at a distance and look on
And take notes how to not do this all wrong
My whole life is made of Gingerbread

A cookie-cutter job
do cookie-cutter work
Have a cookie-cutter collar
On a button-down shirt
You know, my house is made out of candy,
And I've got a sugar green lawn
Everything is sweet on the outside
But it's only a matter of time before my world is gone
And I think that I know why...