Good to See You Again


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Good to See You Again

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Super official background thingy... Hope you enjoy reading some behind-the-scenes of what went into the song :)

Jonathan Edwards, a.k.a. Wayward, is an Indie Pop Singer-Songwriter from Minneapolis, MN. He started his musical journey at age 10, learning how to play on his sister's guitar. It wasn't long before he began writing his first songs and playing them for friends and family in living rooms.

As of today, he has played approximately 300 shows and events with these songs, everywhere from living rooms, breweries, small corner-bars, house parties, to music venues of any and all kinds. With a love for writing songs and connecting with listeners, Wayward has been touring the Midwest in anticipation of his debut full-length album "Happiness", estimated to be released in 2021.

While mixing his first full-length album with producer Dan Deurloo (Nick Carter, MercyMe, Amy Grant), inspiration struck for an additional "bonus" song that just couldn't wait and needed to come out right away. This song is born out of both grief and gratitude following the COVID-19 outbreak. "I hope that I never forget how beautiful it really is to hold your hand... Gosh, good to see you again."

Recorded in quarantine, this track also features other Minneapolis musicians and friends, including trumpet by Steve Strand of Hornheads, who played trumpet for Prince, Michael Jackson, Mandy Moore, Stevie Wonder, Cory Wong, and others - also featuring electric guitar by Chris Furst, who has worked with Darnell Davis, Snoop Dogg, Chucky T, and other great artists.

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