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I would love, love, love to travel to wherever you call home and play my music (along with a few fun covers) and connect.

In the past few years of touring full-time, some of my very favorite shows have been house shows, right in the living rooms and backyards of people who love my music too. 

There honestly is something special when you write a bunch of songs, and then some people hear them and really like them, and then they're like, "Hey, come to my house!" 

Like, that's a really cool thing to me.

I think the natural intimacy of gathering a group of your friends or "friends who haven't met yet" :) at your own house is part of the reason these shows have been so personal, easygoing, connective, and just plain fun. 

So all that to say... I'm excited. :) 

Excited that you're here, that you somehow discovered me and my music, and that you are interested in inviting my music into your life -- and maybe even your backyard. 

As for LOGISTICS, I am happy to answer any questions you have on your mind, but here are a few of the main things you might be wondering about: 

  • Sound: I use a professional-quality sound system that works for just about any space (ranging from really small to fairly large) 
  • Power: My system works with virtually any standard wall socket and I have a few medium-length extension cords if we need them
  • Performing space: My equipment is pretty compact, so it can fit into a 6' × 10' rectangle, with my PA speakers on the sides of the rectangle 
  • Overall space: This is one of those things where it's pretty much 100% up to you. I mean, I would prefer not to set up in a ½ bathroom, but hey, I guess don't knock it til you try it! :) But really, I think as long as the space is clean, and you and your friends have enough room to stand or sit somewhere, that's great!
  • Noise: In general, it seems that the good old fashioned invite-your-neighbors-to-be-at-the-party-so-the-noise-doesn't-wake-them-up idea has worked out pretty well in the past, but we will also set the volume at a low-to-medium level and serenade any neighbor who wants to listen 

To cover the costs, we can set it up pretty much however we want, but here are a few creative options: 

  • (A) You can cover the cost yourself and just invite as many friends as you like for your own personal, private backyard show
  • (B) You can cover my "gas mileage" to travel to you, and you can invite as many friends as you like, and let them know they can drop in a "suggested donation" or "tips"
  • (C) You can host a public show in your backyard (no cost to you), and I'll get the word out to other fans in your city and they can only see your address after they purchase their tickets (for your privacy)


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