Host a House Show - More Info

For some details, here is how I am setting up most house shows. Let me know if you have any questions! 

5:30PM - Set up 

7:30PM - Doors 

8:00-9:00PM - Music 

  • As a host, you and any family living with you get Free Tickets. I'm honored that you invite me into your home and I am simply happy to be a part of your evening. I will also have a Free T-shirt for you if you would like one! 
  • As a host, you have access to purchase the Host Package of 20 tickets at 50% Off the full-ticket price. (I would recommend this, but it's certainly not required.) This way you can invite a bunch of friends and either gift them the tickets or ask them to buy them from you so you can keep from spending a dime.
    • Or, if you would prefer, your friends can also purchase tickets and using a Promo Code to get 25% off. 
  • Tickets for other guests will be $10 and sold here: 
  • I use a sound system at a low-to-medium volume level for looping music as a part of the show. (If you would like me to turn it louder, I am more than alright with that - as long as neighbors are!)
  •  Your house doesn't have to be big. You actually choose how many people you would like to attend, anywhere from 30 on up. Then once that many tickets are sold, it will be marked as "sold out".
  • If you prefer, Your address will only be sent to ticket purchasers, so it will not be publicly listed. If you have no preference, the address will be listed, just so that guests know it's not a sketchy part of town.
  • Once you submit your info below, I will send you a date for your house show, and you can let me know if that date works for you. If that day doesn't work for you, no problem! I'll send you another date until we find one that works well for us both for the house show!
  • If you have any questions at all, please reach out using the form below and I would be more than happy to answer them!

I'm so excited that you invite me to bring my music into your home for you and your friends - THANK YOU! SEE YA SOON!

-Jonathan (Wayward)